Emo Sister Wants To Lose It 2160p – Sydney Harwin

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Your “emo” sister has come to you a little upset and pissed off that she is being bullied and taken the piss out of by the locals, for what she wears. She has had enough of the constant taunts about her make-up and is angry at the way people laugh at her, but she knows that you will always be there to make her feel better. She confides in you that she is still a virgin and proceeds to take her top off, but stops at the last minute, apologizing for her erratic behavior. You tell her it is okay, and she explains that she wishes you weren’t related so that you could be together, because the two of you are so similar it is unbelievable. She then admits that she is a virgin and would love to lose her virginity to the only guy who has always been there for her; you! You offer her a shoulder to cry on, and soon she is stripping for you, telling you that you can put a stop to this at any point you like… But you let her carry on getting naked and touching your cock. She takes off her panties and shows you how soaking wet she is, and licks the white juice from her underwear. She has never given a hand job before, so it is slightly awkward, but when she sits on your hard cock and rides you until you cum deep inside of her, you wonder if she really was a virgin at all.

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