Ella Raine – Captured and Diapered

Duration: 13:28; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: MILF

All Lolly has ever wanted was to be a Mommy to a sweet, little baby. But after years of barrenness, she decides she must try a new avenue to achieve her desire. Though Ella is not the perfect baby of her dreams, she becomes the object of Lolly’s maternal obsession. She must refer to her exclusively as “Mommy” and follow every word obediently and adorably. Over time, Ella grows to be fussy with her less than voluntary arrangement – something her Mommy refuses to accept. She had been kept upstairs as Mommy’s special baby, but with her pattern of disobedience, Ella is straitjacketed and taken downstairs to the basement in her sickening, messy diaper. This is where Mommy keeps her undesirable babies so that they can learn to appreciate her loving care. Mommy cuffs Ella’s ankles and attaches them to a spreader bar to keep her from taking any big girl steps – or trying to escape. She leaves her restrained and alone to ponder her behavior before eventually returning with a special treat – a baby bottle full of Mommy’s piss that Ella must suckle down to the last drop. Baby gags on the bitter liquid, beginning to truly weep in grieving over her situation that is proving to be all too permanent. She then begins her conditioning to enjoy her place as Mommy’s baby through several orgasms over her diaper with the Hitachi. Ella is left in the dank basement alone, twitching from painful orgasm after orgasm brought on by the vibrator stuck in place with the straitjacket strap.

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