Easy Money – Miss London Lix

Duration: 10:05; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You little finsubs are almost scarily easy to wallet fuck. I barely have to lift a finger, and the tributes come rolling in regardless. I want to show you the maximum amount of effort I have to put in to rinsing your wallets today. A little panty flash here, a little ass tease there, cleavage in a dress I was wearing today anyway. This is EFFORTLESS financial seduction, and you’re even turned on by that, aren’t you? You slave away, sweating at work for hours on end whilst I get paid to literally live my life. It would suck to be you, if you didn’t take such delight and pleasure from being my finpet. So go ahead, show me some more of that easy money!

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