Dina Sky – Punk Cheerleader JOI and Fuck

Duration: 26:54s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

This was a custom video and basically two parts to it. First part is the Sensual Dominating JOI Tease & Facial Mess and the second part is roles switched where instead of ending it there you take advantage of me and push me on the bed and slide your cock inside of me & fuck me. Basically I am the outcast on the school cheer team, I mean im a punk who doesn’t follow in the footsteps of all my fellow cheerleaders and apparently I have been called out and talked about because i’m not dating one of the “meathead varsity football players” so I’ve seen you with a pantera shirt on before and your likely the best candidate from the team that I can get to make a deal with. Basically I tell you we tell people were dating, your my boyfriend, and will go to the homecoming and prom together to make it look legit. And I will show you my big tits I see you staring at all the time right now and let you jerk off to them. Your totally in for it because you’ve been wanting to see my tits forever but your sorta sitting there looking nervous. “Do you want me to talk you through it? haha, I mean you are kinda cute, I suppose ill let you savor this a little bit.” I slowly tease you and show off my big ass under my cheer skirt, I squeeze on my big tits, I tell you to take your cock out and give you instruction and make you listen to my ever command, I do title ass shaking/twerking and then ask you if you want to see my big tits, tell me you want to see it.. don’t you cum yet. After giving you enough I decide to let you finally see them, I drop them out of my top perfectly and show them off you, your cock flinches at the site of them, there perfect, I play with them and continue to give you JOI and then tell you to give me that load of cum, after some more teasing bouncing, I finally touch your cock and you explode all over my face a nice big thick load. I am blown away by it, wow, impressive load, but your still hard? Trying to wipe the cum off my face you decide your taking matters into your own hands and this perfect opportunity to get even more, you throw me down on the bed holding my legs and I ask what you are doing, in shock, “this wasn’t apart of the deal?” You pull my panties off and slide your still hard cock deep inside of me, and start fucking me, I am telling you this is not suppose to be… oh .. mm, okay okay, just fuck me harder, just like that, moaning in pleasure I am beginning to enjoy the thrusting inside of me deep I can’t tell you to take it out now. You fuck me real good, hard as it continues I want it just as much now, you tell me to get on top of you and ride that cock hard. I jump on top and ride you, bouncing those tits so hard and fast, taking every inch of you deep inside of me, the feeling is overcoming me making me cum all over you, I turn back around to give you some last views of me riding your cock hard from behind before begging for that second load, still remnants of your first load on my face. I get down on my knees and you blow even bigger than before, okay boyfriend ill see you later for our dance I got a mess to clean up.

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