Dina Sky – New Kind Of Therapy

Duration: 19:5s; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: BBW, SOLO FEMALE

This was a custom video & follows along with my previous ones, “Edging Sessing 1 & 2”. I am your therapist you’ve been seeing for quite some time, we’ve done things a bit different with each other. Originally the purpose was to get you to last longer and not cum as quick. However, it seems I have you on a bit of a hair trigger, just about anything makes you rock hard when it comes to me, and leaking with precum its so hard for you to control yourself around me. Especially with my big tits and how they make your cock twitch every time. Today’ I decide we’re going to do a different type of session instead of trying to make you last longer, why don’t we focus more on maximizing pleasure. I want to see how you respond to different outfits I have picked out personally for you, I want to see what reactions I get, and how focused or not you may be on certain things. I start off with what im currently wearing, asking you questions, and showing off the insane cleavage in the bra, I then give you instruction to get your cock out while I prepare for the first outfit. I put on a red corset top with some black fishnets on and start teasing you with the cleavage and ask you your thoughts as you try to concentrate, I tease you, I giggle, its cute, I love it, I love knowing the power I have on you as I tease you and how much you go crazy for me. Next is a tiny tube top hot pink dress and show off that to you next and tease you some more, I slide you between my tits and tease you some fucking my big tits with your cock. As I continue to get you worked up I realize that your getting very close, and I think its time to bring out the perfect lingerie piece to finish you off with. I make you close your eyes until I reveal this little red lacy number, that just enough to give you something to imagine but just a perfect amount to make you ready to go. I show it off, I squeeze my tits, I continue to edge you on with my words, and then I slide you between my big tits and let you feel them fully wrapped around your hard throbbing cock. I stroke you off so you can cum deep into my cleavage and all over my big tits. One of the biggest loads in any of our sessions I think you have ever delivered.

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