Dina Sky – My Brothers Birthday Surprise Anal

Duration: 22:6s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, SOLO FEMALE

This was a custom video request. Its the morning of your birthday and I’ve decided I am going to give you a very naughty surprise as your birthday gift. I sneak into your room as your laying there (early morning) and take your cock out and start sucking it, you awake very surprised. Since its your birthday brother I am going to give you the best gift, I am going to suck your cock, make you rock hard, and then give you a hot ride. After getting you all warmed up, which doesn’t take long, I climb on top of your hard cock and slide you inside my pussy, I lift up my cute Crush Shirt and reveal my big tits that I have this feeling you love, I mean I always get this feeling your spying on me, but it’s okay I love it. I ride you and bounce those big tits in your face, letting you lick them and enjoy them as I moan, you really have a nice cock, I can feel myself getting more and more wet with each push of your cock inside of me. However I am not going to stop there, because I think you have a thing for my big ass too and I want to give you more than just my pussy, I stuff my pretty little black panties in my pussy, and turn over doggy style so you can fuck me good, only this time I want it in my ass, yes I want you to fuck my ass nice and deep brother, watch my ass shake, with each push of your dick in my tight ass, feeling so good, I am so worked up for you, but we don’t stop there you tell me to flip over so you can fuck me some more in the ass, but watch my big tits bounce while I play with my clit, the feeling of you inside of me like that, I can’t hold off, and you make me cum, overwhelmed with how damn good that felt, I beg for your cum, I beg for your cum in my ass, a few more thrusts deep inside of me, and your so hard than you’ve been, and I know your about to blow the biggest load you ever have, filling up my ass really good, I take your cock out and the hot cum just pours out of my ass, I pull the panties out, showing you how wet/creamy you made me with your dick, turning over I ask if that’s the best birthday gift I could give you because guess what….. the parents are gone for the next few days, so we have the house to ourselves, so you can fuck all my holes as much as you want, Happy Birthday!

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