Dina Sky – Make You Forget About Your Wife

Duration: 12:22s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, SOLO FEMALE

This was a custom video. You invited me over, or maybe I just came right on over considering your left a pretty little number in my mailbox i think that was an open invitation to come by especially if your wife isn’t home. How much time do we got till she’s here? Maybe I Should show you how good the lingerie piece looks on me versus your wife. How much it wraps around my curves just perfectly and she would never be able to fill it out like I do with my big tits and big booty. What do you think of it? I am going to do things with you that’s going to make you forget all about her…. why don’t you let me just show you? After brief playful teasing in the cute one piece red lingerie, I get you on the couch and your all hard and ready for my mouth. I give you a very intimate, eye fucking blowjob, working my lips around that cock and giving you just enough to know you need more of me. I turn around and slide your throbbing cock right inside of my tight pussy, just moving the tiny string over and giving you a beautiful view of my ass as you feel me fuck your cock, but we won’t stop there I am going to give you just enough of me that that’s all your ever want and need. I turn over and climb on top of you and ride your hard cock, my big tits bouncing out of the very little lingerie covering them. The more and more I take you in and out, the closer you are to exploding but now till after I have cummed all over your cock in the heat of the moment, I just couldn’t help myself, but now let me get your hot load, in fact let’s seal it with your cum inside of me. After riding you some more, you bend me over on the couch and slide your cock back in and fuck me from behind, I can feel you throbbing more and more, and so close, I knew this position would make you explode, but I think I much rather lock my eyes in on you as you fill my pussy up. I turn over and let you give it to me missionary, enjoying the view of my big tits, my lingerie you bought me, and begging for you to fill me up, and then you explode with no hesitation you couldn’t wait to fill me up. Sliding your cock out of me, letting the cum drip down out of my pussy, I ask so what we going to do about your wife…. in the moment your so in lust you forget you were even married…so I guess it worked, shall we change the locks?

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