Dina Sky – Intentional Teasing For Sex

Duration: 26:46s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, SOLO FEMALE

This was custom order. I am spring cleaning starting in the kitchen, wearing a very small, loose fitting spaghetti strap top, no bra, and a thong, purposely wearing it to tease you with. I wash some dishes and you watch my big tits swing around, the strap falls accidentally, nipple slips out, turning around I clean my counters while my big ass shakes in your face, im driving your cock crazy and it’s just the beginning. I make sexy eye contact with you, a playfully play it off like it’s all accident, I bend down to clean the fridge, and really move that fat booty around, bending over, bending down, your getting your eyes full of hot, sexy, playful teases, and your pants are getting tight, as your completely aroused by everything. Next up folding towels, and you follow me into the bathroom as I turn around and confront you about it, but not upset at all, I tell you oh I “intended” on teasing you and this was all apart of my plan, to get you in my bed. I slip down the straps and reveal my big tits, and tell you how I want you, and I know you want me, that cock must be uncomfortable in those pants, maybe you should take it out. Giving you some light JOI, while I tease you, and show off my body and drive you crazy, I walk out of the bathroom bending over and sliding those panties down just enough to give you the most inviting view, then I strip out of them and throw them on the floor and tell you to follow me already….we resume in my bedroom where your hard cock is out of your pants, and I want to suck it so bad, (BBC), I give you that look, I tease you with my breasts and I wrap my lips around your sexy head, and slide my warm wet mouth all the way down, sucking you, jerking you, and telling you how much I love your delicious cock, and how bad I want to fuck you. After a nice warm uo on that cock (pov bj), I have you get on the bed and I climb right on top, and slide my pussy on your dick, and (virtual pov) I ride you bouncing up and down with those big tits in perfect view, moaning in pleasure on how good your cock feels deep inside of me, the more I I fuck your cock the more you ache inside of me, we flip me around and you fuck me missionary (pov), as I tell you how much I want that cum, and this time your going to blow inside of me. To finish you off I know doggystyle is going to make you nut so fast, I bounce my ass so perfectly on your dick and slide you in and out, until you thrust deeper inside of me and release a huge load of cum filling my pussy up. Sliding your cock out the cum drips out but your still hard, and you have more cum to shoot, excited to suck your dick, jerk you some more, and beg for hot facial, I get on my knees and get to work, until you explode literally covering my face in hot cum, the chemistry we have is so sexy, I love how I can make you nut so much. This video is sorta similar vibes to the previous versions Pursuing Sexual Feelings 1 & 2 but with more intentional teasing, light joi, and added cream pie & facial.

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