Dina Sky – Girlfriend Wants It

Duration: 16:14s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, VIRTUAL SEX

This was a custom video and it is all +++ virtual sex .+++ It’s been a long week, you are exhausted in bed already, girlfriend just showed up wrapped in a towels surprised you’re already in bed. She has other plans for you though and your just about to find out. Playful and cute, she kisses you, and straddles you talking about doing something fun, other than going to bed so soon. Maybe watch a movie? Or maybe you could warm her up cause she’s feeling “cold”, your trying to insist on maybe not tonight but she’s already rubbing on your cock and her towel is dropping down, your cock is getting hard, and she really wants you. She strips off the towel and leans down and starts sucking your hard cock, sensually with eye contact she’s getting your all worked up, and how could you not be staring at her all naked, wet long hair, and those eyes just luring you right in. After she’s warmed up your cock with her mouth, you have her lay down and lick her pussy. She moans in pleasure as it feels so good to feel you on her after so long, touching her in jus the right spots an working that mouth and making her cum, it is time you slide that cock deep inside of her pussy. She lays back and you slide in and push it deep inside of her as her big tits bounce, and she begs for you to give it to her, how much she’s missed you , how much she’s loves your cock, and then she urges you to sit back and let her ride you and make you explode. Those big tits bouncing up and down, her taking your dick deep inside of her cumming all over you, as you fill her up with your cum, couldn’t hold out it felt so good how she rode your cock. After a few moments of sitting there, she’s climbs off and shows all the cum you just unloaded into her pussy, she’s licking it, and scooping it up in her hands enjoying it, even though there’s quite a mess, she’s quickly grabs the towels and cleans it up and talks about how much you both needed that. Playfully she’s tells you lets lay down now, some pillow talk, kisses. Lights out. This video is very heavy on the loving, playful, sensual, sexy girlfriend experience. All virtual sex, no visible dildo.

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