Dina Sky – Giantess Takes On A Village

Duration: 18:44s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, SOLO FEMALE

This is a revamp of my original, Giantess takes on a Village, and a custom requested order. I am a blonde giantess that has decided to find myself a “playground” of fun, I scour around looking for my next town to have fun with and discover the perfect one just a mere few giant steps away. I feast my eyes on the tiny town, hearing murmurs of screams and chatter as I decide I’ve worked up such a appetite that I want to start with feeding, I pick up one lonely runner who will become my next meal, I can hear his little scream as I lick and drop him right into my mouth and start chomping away, but even though he was tasty I still need more, I find myself another one and slowly drop into my giantess mouth landing him right on my tongue and start to enjoy once I’ve filled my belly with some snack, its time to do some destroying, my favorite part, I crumble the buildings in my hands, I crush and shake the grounds as I squash with my giantess feet. Having so much fun, its time for some more crushing but with my big booty, I sit down on their town hall, and crush it with my big ass, screams as things become nothing but crumbles and even decide to try and crush with my big tits as I flatten out their homes. I grab one and place it under my big tit and squeeze and and drop it, even placing one in my giantess ass crack and squeezing it, these tiny people are running and they just can’t escape me. Now as I hover over the almost destroyed town, I shout “Fe Fi Fo Fum, Now which one of you is going to make me CUM” shaking the town some more, I reach down and grab one lucky victim and place him on my nipple, grabbing another for my other nipple, and then eventually sliding one I find by the pool into my my pussy, I put these tiny people to work to make me cum real hard but just before I am all worked up, I see one trying to run, he’s at my feet and so scared he can’t move, I pick him up and give him a little tour of my body (pov) and tease him, before placing him to do some work, and then I finally cum hard and good just like a giantess should. I crush them with my breasts, and tease one and thank him for such a good job…… leaving the town destroyed, crushed, crumbled, and satisfied. This video includes several hours of editing to create sound effects, i.e. giantess foot steps/stomps, echos from far away, whispers from the town, screams from the town people, a few slow motion parts, and several hours to create the actual town from scrap.

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