Dina Sky – Close Calls w Stepson & Friend Big Dicks

Duration: 25:15s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: BBW, SOLO FEMALE

I confessed to what I had done, we said our apologies and moved on. I can’t stop thinking about my step son’s big cock, I am so horny for it again, I text him and tell him I want him to come home so I can have his dick. My husband is away on business so I know he wont be home for a few days. I take some pictures, and take off my clothes so I can be naked when he gets here, but my husband calls, always at the wrong time, I talk to him some, and he asks what I am doing, I shy him off the phone as quickly as possible because I hear the door opening. I rush naked to see my step son and his friend are Both staring at me. Embarrassed, I grab my sweater and usher his friend to the couch and pull my step son aside to ask why he didn’t tell me he was bringing a friend over, we talk, and ask me to suck on your big cock some, horny I get on my knees and do so but his friend comes over (I can see his bulge), I say let me get dressed and will have some drinks. Yet again my husband calls again prying into me about stuff, like he’s suspicious. I have a few minor slip-ups like “I am going to take a hard one, I mean hard nap” Trying not to get caught I quickly cover up my accidental slip-ups and get off the phone with him. I decide I can’t wait any longer, little tipsy, I tell my step son im going to suck your dick and fuck it now, I want it I don’t care if your friend is here. Eventually I end up sucking both my step son and his friend’s big cocks (bbc), and throughout that my husband calls yet again, I accidentally say he just came all over me, I was sucking on hard candy, I have a creme dessert, just a bunch of sexual innendo’s and slips ups, while his friend covered me in cum, I go back to step son and have him fuck me some, I am so wet, and worked up, my husband calls again….this time he’s telling me he’s on his way home, to surprise me, he left early from his work job and wanted to surprise me, I tell him to stop at the store and I need “meat”, just random things that could be taken another way, and my husband starts to suspect something I think, with minutes left I take my step son’s cock and beg for his cum, he squirts loads and loads of cum, streams, im drenched, his friend even cums again on me, covered in cum, the door opens, dicks in my hands still, I’m caught ….again, this time with two big dicks, my step-son’s and his friend….. I confess, and explain how he’s nothing compared to these two big dicks.

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