Dad’s Ultimate Taboo Fantasy Watching Mom Corrupt & Fuck Their Young Son, POV – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Sydney Paige

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A very forbidden, taboo experience…

“Hey sweetie, how was work?” your wife asked you, her petite, beautiful body exposed in red, lacy lingerie. “I dressed up for you today, I thought we could have some time together.”

You loved how hot and horny your wife was, but you had something else in mind – something far naughtier. “What do you mean? What did you have in mind?” she asked. “Inc*st fantasy? I did hear that was popular. So, did you want me to, like, pretend to be your step-sister or something? How would you like to play this out? I mean, I know you married me because I was open-minded.”

“Our step-son? Oh, um…well, I wouldn’t be totally opposed to that – I mean, he does need to learn how to pleasure a woman in high school and college,” she went on to say. “Is that what you really want to do? Is there anything you specifically wanted to see?”

She was up for it, as long as your step-son was, and it wouldn’t be hard to convince him. You wanted to see your beautiful wife corrupt your sweet, innocent boy – a real life step-mom and step-son experience. So, the two of you called him in.

“Hi sweetheart,” Step-Mom smiled at your boy. “How was your day at school? Well, Step-Daddy has brought you in here because there’s something we wanted to do today. We wanted to teach you some of the things you’re going to need to know further in life – things of a sexual nature, if you will. Isn’t that right, honey? So, your step-father would be observing to make sure I educated you properly – what would you think if Step-Mommy showed you a few things?”

Of course he agreed. Your wife knew exactly what to say to make him want to engage in such a forbidden, taboo act – she knew just how to lie and that turned you on even more. “First thing I’m going to do is take my hand and rub it over your pants and naughty parts,” she told him.

“Just like that, honey?” she smiled devilishly at you. “Is that what you wanted to see?” She turned back towards your step-son, who now had a hard-on, and offered to help him take care of it. “You know, you’re going to see plenty of these through-out your life,” she said as she exposed her perky, beautiful breasts. “Now just take a look at these and I’m going to rub you a little bit more.”

“Our baby’s cock is getting so hard, honey,” she said to you, then stripped him down. “He’s got such a big cock – I guess he got that from you. You like watching me stroke our step-son’s cock? Your step-father’s just making sure I do this correctly.”

God, what a turn-on. Watching your wife pleasure your step-son’s cock. “So, what I’m going to do now is grab the base of your little cock and I’m going to put my mouth on it – is that okay, honey?” she asked before wrapping her warm, wet mouth around his virgin cock.

“Mm…are you enjoying this, baby?” she turned towards you, then went back down. She giggled at your step-son’s twitching body, “Our step-son is so turned on.” Things only progressed from there – she wanted nothing more than to fulfill your inc*stuous fantasy.

Her voice was sweet and seductive as she manipulated and corrupted your step-son. She wanted him to feel comfortable, to trust her, so that he’d give himself to her. “Come here, baby,” she motioned him. “Take your hands and caress my soft skin, feel my breasts – oh, don’t be shy, sweetie. Maybe I should teach you the ultimate? What do you think, hubby? Should I let our step-son inside of me?”

She laid back, guided his cock inside of her, then let him fuck her. She moaned and then giggled, “Oh, his cock might feel better than yours…” When she felt him throbbing, she looked at you lovingly, “What does Step-Daddy think? You want our step-son to cum in me, Step-Daddy? Cum in Step-Mommy, baby, and let Step-Daddy watch.”

So, he did. He filled her pretty pussy with his huge load, and she licked his cock clean. “My baby’s cum tastes so good,” she purred. “Maybe we can have some more lessons later, sweetie.” She then told him to clean up and to finish his homework.

“So, honey, what’d you think?” she sat naked in front of you, your step-son’s cum dripping out from her pussy. “His cock felt so good.”

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