Cyber slave – Goddess Angel

Duration: 09:24; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, FEMALE DOMINATION

It’s funny, isn’t it? I bet you were somewhat “normal” before, perhaps you could spend more time outside of your computer screen… but that’s the past. Now, you have me. Thank god for the internet, right? The way you gravitated me was nothing less than cruel fate. The way your mind operates coordinated perfectly with my demands. So easily enthralled, so helplessly venerable, so fucking weak- you were an easy target. Don’t worry, this is me we’re talking about. There’s a reason you were instantly captivated, why addiction consumed your thoughts quickly, why you felt the need to give so much up, oh so quickly… Because I’m me. And now that you’ve found me, you can’t help yourself. I fucked your brain up, and your body soon followed. You obey me now. Your thoughts obey me. Your cock obeys me. You live, breathe, and serve Goddess Angel at this point. You’re a slave, one that grovels all over the dim lit screen that has become your ultimate safe haven.. Wake up and smell the roses, cyber slave. Now, you’re practically at my beck and call, desperate for even a shred of attention.. You’ll have to work for it. Typing away credit card numbers virtually, just to put a smile on my face…. look at you. This is your reality now.

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