Crystal Knight – Clip Store Dating – Youre ONLY Relationship

Duration: 5:14s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

Thats what you’re ALL about. You love a good date on my clip store. Purchasing 10-20 clips and spending the rest of your evening jerking and worshipping me. You love clip store dating because it’s MY CLIP STORE. You visit iwantcrystal, worshipcrystal, and even spoilcrystal tons of times a day because I am the only relationship you need. The only relationship you want because its exactly where you are meant to be. Serving me is beautiful and you need to get even deeper into clip store dating. Your small binges are cute but when are you going to step it up on a date and purchase one of my BIG clips, huh? Let’s just see if I can work my magic to get you to give me everything.

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