Cricket Rose – Punishing My Financial ANALyst

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“Miss Rose, I’ve done some investigating, and it seems that my pension fund is missing some funds that recently went in there, and your account has that same amount of money. I’d like to get to the bottom of this. This is unacceptable. AND, let me remind you, that in your contract it strictly says that ANY form of misconduct results in me being able to cane you, and have you at my mercy for one hour.” I really thought I could get away with funneling funds from my boss, Mr. Johnsons pension fund, but I guess I didn’t do a good job of covering my tracks. Now, according to my contract (damn fine print!), he gets to cane me, and have his way with me for a full hour! Holy crap he has a huge, meaty cock! I never knew he had such a big cock, and that he is super into anal, and ass to mouth. Honestly this is probably the thickest cock I’ve ever had in my ass. I’m able to take it, but it’s kind of painful….at first, but then he rubs my clit and I start to enjoy it more (even if he makes me taste it every once in a while….good thing I’m very clean!). So now I’m out the money I tried to steal, AND my ass hurts from the caning and that huge dick. Mmmmm…..but that cock sure was nice…..I wonder what would happen if I funnel his money into my account more slowly next time….and what the punishment will be for a second instance of misconduct? Should I check the contract, or just take my chances?

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