Could Ruin Your Relationship – Princess Miki

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I’m wearing this white-hot lingerie, but it’s not really for you — besides, you care more for the theme of this clip and what I have to say than what I’m wearing. I just wanted to seize the opportunity to insert some cheesy symbolism while wearing bridal lingerie.

Your cock, your heart and your mind are all married to Me. You’re in a relationship and somehow landed a woman who loves you, but the love you have for her doesn’t come close to the kind of love you have for Me.

We could call this a home wrecking clip, as the theme does somehow fit. I wrecked the foundation of your relationship — whether she knows it or not — ever since you started to pay more attention to Me than you do to her.

But here’s the thing: I don’t really care about you, or whether your relationship survives. I don’t want to go out of My way to “home wreck.” I just like knowing that I can.

The power I have is so immense that if I told you to choose, you would choose Me. Choosing doesn’t mean entering a relationship with Me; it just means doing what you already do — obsessing over Me, spending money on Me, worshipping every single fiber of My being while jerking your cock — but without her constant interference.

You’re so fucked in the head that this turns you on. You’re going to furiously stroke your cock to the fact that I could do this if I wanted to. She’s lucky I don’t care enough to spend My precious energy on doing such a thing.

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