Club Stiletto – Lady Bellatrix honors you with Her Boots

Duration: 7:18s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING, FEMALE DOMINATION

Lady Bellatrix has been breaking her boots in and being a hot summers day the leather has combined with her body sweat to get a bit damp and fragrant. She crooks her finger at you. Crawl in, she needs your tongue to lick the soles and every inch of the boots. She directs you each step of the way and tells you to kiss them as well as lick them, and suck the heels too, of course. Pleased, she has you lay on the ground so she can hover over you wearing just her silky black panties. That smell is divine as she lowers her ass onto your face. She’s done with you so she says “Say goodnight” as things go black.

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