Clarabelle Woods – Mesmerized By Your Crush CEI

Duration: 22:05; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Your high school crush calls you up to congratulate you on your latest job promotion and puts a spell on you! Soon, you’re confessing your deepest, darkest secrets to her as she manipulates you with her tight body and sweet words. She teases and humiliates you for her pleasure, perhaps a bit annoyed you didn’t work up the courage to ask her to senior prom, but determined to have her way with you none the less. You follow her every suggestion, from showing off your dick, to trying to impress her with naked push ups, to admitting to your bisexual fantasies. Your powerless obedience turns your crush on so much she strips down and plays with herself too, knowing you’re completely under her spell and will remember nothing about this when you wake up, not even the taste of your own cum!

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