Chihiro Akino Is Awaken With a Camera Crew Watching and Touching Her

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Chihiro Akino has the greatest tits and we get to see them bounce around as she fucks her co-star in this action packed no mosaic English titled Japanese adult porn video. Chihiro Akino has a sexy mouth as well and it is hot and sweet and can take a dick so well. She has had a lot of practice taking dicks to the back of the throat. This is not her first rodeo, this is not even her second. She is a well known seasoned porn star. Today her co-star got a message fro her manager to go and find her in her hotel room. She would be there and he would be given a key to sneak in her room to go and find her. So, he opens her door and finds her in some sexy lingerie in her bed. She looks so delicious with her hot ass sticking out and her huge boobs popping out of her bra. We are not sure how her co-star restrained himself from only grabbing her tits and not trying to dick that hot ass of hers. He then decided that her bra was too much and he unsnapped it and let it fall down so we could get access to her big juicy natural tits and play with her chocolate kiss nipples. What a turn on to see her big brown nipples getting played. Fuck! her panties are almost see through and would fun it would be to just dive into her hot pussy. Uh Oh, she is awake now and now that she is, it is time to have her pull the panties off so she can sit on our face!

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