Cheerleaders Trigger Losers – Princess Miki

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You like Me in this outfit, don’t you? It reminds you of everything that was wrong with you during your adolescence… and everything that is still wrong with you today.

It’s so hot listening to Me verbally degrade you in a cheerleading uniform, because it’s like stepping into a time machine. It brings back brutal memories of the hot, popular girls in school who snickered behind your back for being such a loser. Maybe some of them even told you to your face.

You may have been sad about it then, but now, you’re so fucking turned on. You learned to accept your pathetic nature, and now you sexualize it.

That’s why you love to go back in time, when your status in the social hierarchy was even more obvious.

It’s sad that you find this hot. You could have turned this around… you could have evolved to become someone better than the boy you were back then. But now, you’re even more pathetic, and you’re sitting here jerking off furiously to My bullying.

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