Cheerleader Diaper Wetting 720p – Monica Jade

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Hey you. How have you been? Did you come over to watch me cheer? Oh sure you did 🙂 I know why you wanted to come over today. You wanted to see if I was wearing a little something under my cheerleading uniform. Like these princess pull-ups? I like lifting up my skirt and showing you. It feels good to show off my pampers for you. Okay lets do our homework now. Ahh just kidding! The look on your face lol. Come here. Do you want to touch my diaper? This is my favorite princess 😉 I have pee already. I tend to go through these pretty quickly. I really had to go…I can feel it soaking all over my diaper. I’m surprised I didn’t leak! I love tugging on it and feeling how squishy it is. I can tell you like it too. Time to take off these wet pampers. Thankfully I have another one in my backpack. Wow look at how soaked it is. Do you want to feel it? Its still warm. You know what would be really hot? If you would smell the pee in my diaper. I’ll put it up really close. Like that. Time to use my baby wipes and put on a fresh pair of goodnites. Alright sugar, lets get started. On our homework silly!

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