Chastity Slave Reminder – It’s All About Me! – Goddess Kyaa

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With the key to your cage around my neck, just dangling there as I tease you, we both know you can’t do anything about the raging hard-on I am causing. I am making you hornier and hornier, pushing your arousal to new heights as I make you worship my body. I know you want to stop, to look away, it hurts to be so turned on when I have your cock locked up like that… but you seem to have forgotten something. It’s all about me now, your whole life, especially your sex life. So if I want you hot and bothered, aching in your cage, then you will fucking ache. When I want you swollen, filling your chastity device until your dicklet pushes uncomfortably against the unyielding bars, then you will stiffen and suffer without an orgasm.
Weather your chastity cage is locked with a keyed lock or a combo lock, this video is for you. Even if you don’t have a key for your lock, I still hold the code to your freedom and you suffer in your cage without it! If you are not yet in chastity you may not stroke to this video, in fact you should tape your loser dick to yourself, tape it down so you cannot touch it at all!

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