Charlotte Stokely – Sissy Acting Lessons

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I’m so glad you could make it. My leading man just fell ill and canceled, you’re the perfect size to fit into the costume. I know you’ve never acted before but I don’t think this role will be hard for you. Your gonna look just scrumptious in the heels and lingerie. Huh? Oh well the role is a sissy faggot. I didn’t tell you? Oh I thought I did. Oh well, there’s no backing out now, the show starts in an hour. This is gonna be easy for you, all you gotta do is be a convincing sissy fag… a complete homo… total Cock hungry fudge packer. I mean, I thought you were a major league pansy from the moment I met you, no offense. I swear it took my friends a month to convince me otherwise. Let’s get started with the first scene. Theses no time to memorize a ton of dialogue so I’m just gonna give you a few examples and your gonna just have to let your freak flag fly, honey. As you come on stage your gonna have to mince over to me and fall to your knees. Your gonna beg me at service men at truck stops. Ya know, just say what you would normally say in that situation. “”Oh Goddess, may I please suck filthy dicks all night”” and “”I’ll gladly take all those ball in my mouth for you Goddess””. Oh, and use your mannerisms with weak wrists and toss your hair. Oh, do try to lisp while you speak, I mean it just looks weird when I hear normal talk come out of your mouth. Next scene, you’re gonna be on your hands and knees with your ass facing the audience. Your gonna beg me to warm up your hungry tight asshole.

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