Charlotte Stokely – Her Beta Plans for You

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I’m so glad your home! It’s been so hard living under the same roof when I know you have a crush on me. It’s super obvious your in love with me… which kinda make me laugh. I mean… you had to listen to me getting fucked in the other room by men that are bigger and stronger than you, haha! Making you bring us water and stuff is fucking funny.Well, I got a way for you to actually get some action from me… just to make up for all the mean stuff I’ve been doing to you. How about I give you a nice big blowjob, huh? Yea, well there’s a catch. I was thinking that after a hot guy comes over and cums all over my face… that you would then come in and I would suck your beta cock with another man’s Alpha cum on my face.And if his cum might just accidentally drip off my chin and land on your cock. I might just have to stroke your cock using his Alpha cum as lube!

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