CaraDay – Angry GF Ignores You To Play Videogames

Duration: 14:53; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: SOLO FEMALE

I wake up to hear the TV playing loudly and I’m already annoyed. You know it’s my one day off which means peace and quiet and Me time. I march into the room, shut off the TV and scold you, shooting you a look but you know means you’re in trouble- you’re getting ignored for the rest of the day and not getting a single ounce of my attention. I pull out my switch and sit down to enjoy my now quiet day, I play in front of you barely noticing your existence but occasionally teasing you with a glimpse of my hot body under my robe. I give you peeks of my feet, ass, tits and even my pussy. Even though youre getting ignored I still spoil you, maybe thats why you never learn!

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