Cara Day – Step Sis Micro Bikini Fuck

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You and your step sis are on a vacation with your family, and are being told to share a hotel room together! Your step-sis is pretty annoyed, but youve always kinda had a thing for her so this may be your moment… While unpacking your teen sis realizes she forgot her bathing suit at home and pleads for you to go out and buy her a new one, “Our parents are waiting for us at the beach so you better hurry!” You come back with the tiniest string bikini you could find, your sis laughs and takes the tiny bathing suit from you, not sure about wearing it out in public, and definitely in front of our parents. You finally convince her to try it on, sneaking looks at her the whole time shes changing, and finally she turns around asking for your opinion! She quickly notices your rock hard cock, and is shocked.. but not too surprised. She makes fun of you for getting hard for your step-sis, what a perv! But she tells you to calm down, and that she knows how to take care of it…She climbs on the bed and tells you to quickly take your shorts off so she can suck you off, “Our parents are waiting for us afterall, we need to hurry!” but soon she realizes this will take too long, and lays on her back, beckoning you to fuck her pussy so youll cum faster! She makes you promise to pull out, to which you absentmindedly agree As shes riding your cock Dad calls! Your sis picks up the phone, trying to talk to dad through her moans and gasps, and promises that youll both be down to the beach soon, hanging up quickly as she whimpers in pleasure. She did make you promise not to cum inside her though but youre not sure if you can help it! Your cock twitches and throbs from her tight pussy and you explode inside her cunt! Your step sis cant believe what a gross pervert you are and looks back at you angrily as she goes to wash up.

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