Car Cum Fail – Kaedia Lang

Duration: 05:50; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, SOLO FEMALE

I come one day and decide to masturbate on the spot in the car before I head back into my apartment. I am nervously checking around to make sure no one is around and get really into feeling myself before I see a neighbor and her dog walk by, which REALLY destroys my lady boner so I am unable to finish. I awkwardly pretend to distract myself from the situation so I seem unassuming. I don’t finish in this video but I make several sexy faces and get pretty wet if you are more into the tease. I am never nude in this one. I recommend skipping out on this one if you want a more “proper” finished video. You may even just laugh at me in the end, so there’s some comedic value. Enjoy

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