Candy Glitter – Mesmerized Mindfucked Owned

Duration: 11:34s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

I will lead you down a path to true submission. You will stare at my beautiful body until you are unable to say no. You will look into my eyes until you feel yourself becoming weak in the knees. I will make my way inside your psyche and implant triggers to further control you. Once I have taken hold of your mind, I will completely own you. You won’t be able to quit me. It feels good to give in to Princess Candy. It feels good to fall hard for Princess Candy. I will manipulate you, and you will thank me for it. Nod your head “yes” as you stroke and become incredibly weak and helpless for me. It feels good to obey. You need to surrender. Let my power wash over you. You’re incapable of saying “no”. You are a mindless little puppet for Princess Candy. You are addicted to Princess Candy. You need Princess Candy now and forever.

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