Candy Glitter – Loser Treatment 1

Duration: 10:59; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASS FETISH, JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

Look at that, the loser is back for more humiliation. Did you think you would be getting anything other than humiliation from me? Of course not. You’re a loser, and you deserve to be humiliated. You deserve the loser treatment. The loser treatment is whatever I want! It could vary by day, it could be a series of humiliating tasks, it could be denial, it could be ANYTHING. The point is, when you’re a loser, you don’t get to make your own choices. Rule #1 of the loser treatment – NO PUSSY FOR YOU. If you can’t accept that, you aren’t ready to serve and worship me. You deserve denial, you deserve the loser treatment. What do I have in store for you today? The only info I will give you about today’s loser treatment clip is that you will be allowed to stroke. In future editions of the loser treatment, that might not be the case. ? Step 1 of the Loser Treatment: download this clip and follow my instructions.

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