Candy Glitter – A Moment of Weakness

Duration: 6:27s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You’re harboring a delusion. Probably not for the first time, either. You’re laboring under the false notion that you’ve “quit” femdom. Do you think you’re more powerful than your vices? Do you really think you can consistently and enduringly maintain the resolve to keep from indulging in the thing that makes you happiest in this world? There’s really no reason to ask that question. We both know the answer. You might stay strong for a while. But it only takes one slip up to thrust you fully back into the life. The slightest whiff will drag you back in, and reinvigorate your addiction, more intensely than ever. All it takes is one little moment of weakness. If you acknowledge that you can never permanently leave my service, use the markup code SERVE at checkout.

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