Candice Ferrington – Twisted Therapist-Fantasy Takes Advantage of Your Findom Addiction

Duration: 15:48s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: DIRTY TALKING

You go into see a new Therapist-Fantasy, to talk about your Findom addiction. It’s something that your friends all tell you that you should try to stop, that it’s bad for you and you’ve tried to stop, but you’ve just been such a pushover all your life, and you really love women dominating you financially. You open up to Dr. Ferrington, your new Therapist-Fantasy, and to your surprise, she tells you that it’s really not a problem and that you’re completely normal. She explains that you’re a beta male, and that it really just the natural order of things, and offers a solution. She’s to become your financial dominatrix, since you’re too pathetic to hold down a steady girlfriend. She Instructs you to pull out a check and all but empty your bank account. This turns you on so much that your pants are bulging to the point that it hurts, and as you hand her the check, you cum right there in your pants and thank her, and that you’ll see her next week.

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