BuniBun – Cheating Wife Gets Her Ass Fucked

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Im about to get dinner ready and text you when your going to be home for dinner. You tell me your going to be late again tonight because of work… Youve been pulling these late shifts and meetings so much lately and your never around and im tired of it. So, I text your bestfriend and invite him over. Im suspicious that your always late at work now because your fucking that new secretary you recently got, and I wanted to ask your bestfriend if he knew anything about it. I tell him my feelings and how lonely I am, that I have needs too that arent being fufilled….and then tell him that I really invited him over because I want him to fuck me. It wouldnt hurt if my husband didnt find out would it? I even bought some new sexy lingerie to wear just for you…its not like it gets any use with my husband these days. I tell you to pull out your cock, I want to see how it compares to my husbands hehe. I suck you off, then I show my lingerie off to you, asking you if you like it and if you want to fuck me in it. I suck you off a little more then slide my panties off telling you how much I need your cock in my big fat ass. You fuck me in multiple different views, giving you some nice views of my massive ass while you fuck me good. You make me cum so good and hard, so much better then my husband ever could 😉

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