BuniBun – Asshole Dirtytalk-Winking

Duration: 22:24; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASS FETISH

Just a custom video (again no ones name was used) of me showing my ass off to you. I start off in my panties teasing you with my ass a little bit in them. Once your dick is nice and hard for me I show you what you REALLY want to see, you want to see my pretty little asshole dont you? I slide my panties off, spread my cheeks and show you my tight little asshole, I also wink my asshole often for you in this video because I know how much you like it when I do. I pull and spread my cheeks apart for you teasing you getting you completly rock hard for me. I then tell you I want you to jerk your cock off to me while you tonguefuck my ass telling me how good I taste, telling you to lick me all over and how I bet you could make me cum real nice and hard with that tongue of yours. After tonguing me for awhile and listening to me dirty talk I can tell how bad you want to shove you cock in my ass and blow your load inside me, so I tell you to start fucking my ass while I continue spreading my cheeks while dirty talking to you. I end the video with a 10 second cum count telling you to cum in my ass *** OVERVIEW OF VID

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