Buffy LeBrat – Foxy Lady CEI Staring Contest

Duration: 24:55s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION

We’re about to head out our friend’s costume party and I’m going all out for the occasion. Tonight, I am going to be a fox! Well, I’ve always been foxy, but this time I’m making it literal! There’s just one problem. You think my outfit might be a little bit too revealing. You ask me if I could put something a little more conservative on, but I resist. Even though it’s only an itsy bitsy teeny weenie foxy bikini, I’ve still made a huge effort and really love the outfit. So I decide that we can work out our difference with a contest. A staring contest to be exact. I explain the rules and we get right to it. In round one, you distract me! So I decide to make it even in the second round, and I get to tease you however I want! We’re both so determined to win, that I pull out all the stops. Flirty eye contact, jerk off instruction and cum eating! We’re both having so much fun fighting it out that we might just forget about the party. So what has you so determined to win? Let’s find out your dirty little secret!

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