Break Her Heart Your Mine Now – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 08:06 ; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, LATEX

Im tired of you thinking having a girlfriend is acceptable. Its not. Im the only woman in your world and even though before now I didn’t mind sharing you with your girlfriend thats about to change. Its time you belong to me and only me. Thats right once I allow you to spill every ounce of filth from your slut stick I will own you. Hope your ready to get on the phone and call that stupid cow and let her know. Its funny how you don’t even care. Its a sign of how deep your addiction truly is, or maybe its these gorgeous round tits and deliciously round ass. Start stroking loser. Every stroke you get closer and closer to being only mine. Don’t fight it.I know you can’t resist these latex pants and bouncing tits covered in a skimpy bikini. Stroke faster I want every drop. Almost there sissy. Ahhh.. there we go. Good job. Now for the best part. Call your girlfriend and let her know.. thats your mine.

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