Bratty Princess Lisa – Sinful workout

Duration: 10:38s; Quality: 640x480; Category: SOLO FEMALE

Hi Lisa. I love your videos and think you’re one of the hottest, sexiest damn women I’ve ever seen. With that said, I would love to order a 10 minute custom video from you. It would be a bit of a homewrecker scenario with a heavy dose of ass and body worship. – You’re my girlfriend’s super hot friend who comes over all the time to our apartment to work out with her. my relationship with my girlfriend is pretty serious, you know I’m devoted to her, but you see my weakness, this time she’s gone out to get something and left us alone. You’re standing, wearing a hot bodysuit and legwarmers, stretching your arms in the air, displaying that glorious, tight ass and you notice me staring. you smile and tell me that anytime i’ve been in the same room, you’ve noticed me checking you out and the bulge in my pants. you know it must be hard for me to face that kind of temptation everytime you’re over. you tell me I could do better than my girlfriend and that I deserve better than her. you ask me if she pleases me….”yeah, well not like I could” “this body is on a whole other level compared to hers”. you begin to tease your amazing body in that bodysuit and notice me sweating it out “don’t fight those urges, just grab your cock and stroke to me, it’s ok” you get me worked up and let me cum for you. after which you ask how that felt “amazing, right? Don’t worry about that intense feeling of guilt, it will pass with time” and give a little chuckle. I would love to see you in this hot bodysuit in the video

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