Brat Princess – Jennifer Lola – Milking Cow Overtime for Shock Test

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Brat Princess Industries has been approved by the government to increase the voltage settings they use in the cow testicle shocking device. Lola is testing the new voltage on cow andy. Andy has already finished his shift, but instead of being granted his usual rest period he is being held back to run these additional tests. Lola gives andy a series of shocks and wants him to tell her which one hurts the most. Whilst andy is writhing in agony, Empress Jennifer enters. Jennifer wants to make sure Lola is hitting andy with the newly approved voltage hard enough. Seeking Jennifer’s approval, Lola hits andy with a hard shock and Jennifer erupts in laughter. They record the results as andy indicates that this last shock was more painful than the one that preceded it. Lola thinks they can take the voltage even higher and Jennifer thinks they can keep andy on the bench even longer. Lola always goes along with whatever Jennifer wants, even if it contradicts her best judgement. She quietly nods her head as Jennifer demands the cow stay and be milked for two additional hours. Jennifer then notices how tightly her cow’s balls have been tied off for the testing. They are extremely blue. The girls are all smiles as they poke and prod the disfigured testicles. They wonder if it’s the increased voltage making them so blue today. They decide to keep shocking him and see if they get bluer. They raise the voltage again and andy makes a huge fuss over the pain. Jennifer lifts the cow’s gag to spit into its mouth. When Jennifer prompts Lola to raise the voltage yet again, Lola finally voices her concern. The cow has already been on the bench several hours and the voltage has been increased many times. Jennifer explains that she wants the cow to serve additional time on the bench because she needs a new bag. After hearing Jennifer’s reasoning, Lola can completely understand Jennifer’s need. Having a consistent supply of new bags is extremely important to a Princess, and certainly more important than something silly like the health of replaceable livestock. Jennifer shocks the cow over and over while Lola sits on its chest, swinging her feet and spitting into its face hole. The cow keeps making a huge fuss over the pain. Eventually the cow realizes it has no allies and starts to cry. Jennifer changes her outfit, so that she can be sure that despite the pain andy keeps its erection. When Jennifer leaves, Lola turns up the pleasure sensations for the cow and makes the experience more sensual for it. Jennifer emerges from behind a screen looking very sexy in her new outfit. Andy is producing enough, but Jennifer doesn’t just want enough, she wants more than enough. Lola leaves to change her outfit and Jennifer really cranks up the meanness. The cow starts producing really well. Jennifer stays with the cow on the milking bench for hours. Lola turns up later to offer Jennifer some refreshment. Lola starts shocking andy manually because she like to see Jennifer smile, and every time andy gets shocked Jennifer smiles. They fuck its mouth with a brush for a little while because it really hates getting the brush. They leave the brush in the andy’s mouth while they enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice tea.

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