Brat Princess – Chloe Sasha Foxxx – Slave Motivated to Worship Feet with Ballbusting

Duration: 13:04; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

Chloe and Sasha are bored, and they want their idiot slaves to amuse them. They call the boys into the living room and make them strip out of their clothes from the workday. The girls are very amused with inspecting the chastity devices that they have previously locked the boys into. They decide that they want some relaxing foot worship side by side on the couch. Danni does not really want to worship feet right now. He does it, but the girls can tell that his heart isn’t into it. The girls get upset that Danni does not seem to be authentically enjoying worshiping Chloe’s feet. Sasha decides to ball bust Tic Tac to show Danni what happens when a slave does not show gratitude and do exactly what the girls want. They unlock Tic Tac so that they can kick him in the balls while Danni is forced to watch. Danni does not want to watch Tic Tac get kicked in the balls. He is very afraid he will be next. Sasha shows Danni that if he does not show sincere gratitude to the girls he will be punished. After watching Tic Tac suffer, the girls make him go back to worshipping Chloe’s feet. They decide that they want to go shopping and demand Danni’s credit card. Terrified of the potential consequences of saying no, Danni quickly complies with the girls’ demands.

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