Brat Princess – Cherry Kendall – Mr Puckerman Runs Out Of Money Part 1

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Cherry and Kendall are extremely unhappy with Mr. Puckerman. They went to go tanning on his credit card, only to find it was maxed out. Princesses are used to maintaining a lifestyle. If you cant contribute to the maintenance of a Princess lifestyle, what use are you to her? Mr. Puckerman is useless. What can I do to make it up? He asks. Cherry tells Mr. Puckerman to lick the bottoms of Kendalls shoes. The bottoms of Kendalls shoes are dirty. Mr. Puckerman has to lick off all of the dirt. The girls threaten to blackmail Mr. Puckerman. Theyll tell school administration about his inappropriate behavior if he doesnt do as they say. Mr. Puckerman sucks on Kendalls shiny black heels. Cherry spits in his mouth. He worships Cherrys shoes. Cherry suspects Mr. Puckermans wife is attempting to control his cash flow. Cherry says, Ill tell that bitch real quick that we need her money. Mr. Puckerman is terrified by the prospect of his students speaking to his wife. Kendall thrusts her heel in Mr. Puckermans mouth as he gags. The girls expect their tanning memberships to be reinstated by tomorrow. Also, as a punishment, Mr. Puckerman will have to take them on an extra shopping trip this week. Pathetic Mr. Puckerman will get the extra special treat of worshiping his students feet next

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