Brat Princess – Amadahy Jennifer Riley – 4 Girls Kick Crush The Testicles Of One Male Part 1

Duration: 15:39; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

The girls wanted to shoot a ball destruction video so they ordered the pizza. They quickly over power the delivery guy and handcuff his hands behind his back. Next, they cut off his clothes and begin to destroy his manhood. First they lube him up and stroke him until he is hard. They snap a cruel plastic ball stretcher on him. This keeps the erection and makes the balls nice and tight. They alternate with stroking and kicks to its balls. Jennifer kicks its balls hard. The balls are destroyed from the kicks. Amadahy then starts to pound his balls with her . The slave is in agony. Riley teases his cock and balls and then the other girls destroy them. The slave tries to defend his balls but the handcuffs keep him from stopping the girls.

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