BLACKMA!L VIRUS: Mind Hacked – Princess Miki

Duration: 16:06; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, DIRTY TALKING

You’re about to be hacked, My horny boy.

You make your system vulnerable to My takeover every time you pump that cock in My presence, and today, I have a very special plan.

I want to extract some simple but damaging information and materials… and by the time I’m done running this program, you will have no choice but to comply.

I will have you stroking to the fantasy of this total power exchange initially… but as you enter a state of mindless stroking, you will find yourself hacked in no time.

The virus enters through your throbbing cock, and spreads to your mind. You become My willing puppet, and the games are no longer games after I’m done with you.

You want to be infected by this blackma!l virus. You want the information extraction process to begin.

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