Blackmailing Your Own Sister – Lilcanadiangirl

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Your Sister noticed someones been snooping through her bedroom today, she comes in your room asking if it was you. You tell her you read her diary, now shes really pissed off. You taunt her saying you’ll tell all her friends. If she has sex with you, you won’t tell anyone. She’s angry and thinks your crazy but desperate enough to do anything for you to not tell anyone. She reluctantly gives into giving you a blow job. You get your dick out and she is not happy. She thinks your cock is small but sucks it anyways. Now you really want to have sex with her. She knows she has to do anything you say, so she turns around and you fuck her doggy style. After a little you want her to ride you. She rides your cock and looks so angry at the same time. Now you want to fuck missionary. She begs you to hurry up and cum already. You cum inside her. Shes really mad at you still and she probably will be for a very very long time.

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