Bitchy Boss Puts You On Probation – Jamie Valentine

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You’ve really dropped the ball at work lately. You haven’t been doing what you need to do and I have no patience for subpar work. Im sorry to tell you but you’re on the chopping block. It’s really up to you to prove you want to continue working here. As your boss I’ll give you one last chance to keep your job but you really have to prove yourself and show you’re willing to do anything. I have a special job for you. Its not what you were originally hired to do but if your dedication to this company is strong Im sure you won’t have a problem doing it. I need you to clean my shoes. All the protest in the world won’t help…I don’t care what you were hired for if you want to keep your job you’ll do it. Im glad your willing to do as I say but no you won’t clean my heels with a cloth I need you to do it with your mouth. Complain all you want its the only way to keep working here. So go ahead and open wide. Make sure to follow instructions and Im sure it will be enough. Now lick and suck from the bottom to the top of my dirty well worn heels. Go ahead and deep throat my 6 inch heels. It feels good to follow instructions doesn’t it. So it seems you haven’t done a good enough job but I’ll let it slide you can keep your job but I hope you know your on probation now and you better not mess up or else.

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