Ayumi Iwasa Meets Us Today for an Afternoon of Blindfolded Sex

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We find Ayumi Iwasa in the park today waiting for us. She looks lovely in her spring skirt and top. We invited her to the park for a short interview. She is in her fourth year in Uni. She has a very nice figure that we can see under her sweater. She has nice big breasts. She tells us that she sometimes has her girlfriends over and they will watch porn together. She is single right now so has no where to release this sexual tension she has after watching porn. She tells us about this one time she spent the night with a friend. He was just a friend but they had been partying so much that night that they got together and fucked. All this talk of her and fucking got us horny and we told her we were going to do something naughty right there in the park. We walked over to some high bushes and told her to lift her skirt. She pulled it up and showed us her pink panties. They had a little bow on them and looked like lace. We then told her to turn around and lift her skirt again and show us her ass. As she did we reached out and grabbed her ass. She has the perfect ass and since we were there we turned her around as her skirt was up and began to play with her pussy over her panties. This girl was hot and we wanted more! We then told her we should go to the nearby hotel to continue this. We got back to the hotel and sat down and.. Go see what we did with this lovely hot sexy sex addicted Ayumi Iwasa.

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