Astro Domina – Latex Debt Collector

Duration: 11:44s; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: ASIAN, FEMALE DOMINATION, LATEX

I have many skills under my belt, and getting people to talk and pay up is one of them! You wake up dazed and confused, your entire body feeling numb. You’re not sure what’s going on but when your vision comes back you find yourself in a chair, unable to move. You look up and see Sydney, a super sexy asian woman clad in all red latex looking down at you. She asks you how you’re feeling? Oh never mind don’t try to answer – the serum she used on you keeps you from moving, but it’s starting to wear off so she decides to take more measures. Still unsure of what’s happening, she starts tying you down to the chair. She explains that she’s actually a contractor who’s been hired by your debtors to collect from you. Yes all those debts you owe? It’s time to pay up! You start getting really scared now as your legs and arms are completely fastened and you’re completely at her mercy, but something in her eyes tells you there is none. Well? She says you have a nice how, obviously you have money. You just have to tell her where it is.. you’re hesitant, so she decides to convince you – starting with putting a penis gag in your mouth and then putting you in a cock cage. How far will she take this before you talk? Watch and find out!

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