Astro Domina – Atomic Wedgie Boy

Duration: 11:48; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION

Hi little boy, we’re going to play a game. Are you ready to edge and worship my tight atomic wedgies?Aren’t you lucky that I’m going to play with you today? You will be allowed to stroke during this game, but you are NOT allowed to cum until I say so, are we clear? Don’t worry, I will make sure you dribble precum the entire time.I know about your wedgie fetish.. how much you love it when my hot shorts suck in my beautiful round Asian ass, squeezing right up my goddess butt, while you squeeze and pump your little dick. Just look how high I can pull my panties up until they’re wedged in there. right in your face, as you struggle to not blow your loser load.Worship and adore my hot ass in these tight shorts, but don’t you even think about spilling your seed! I might even decide to deny you completely, how does that sound? Just make you worship and spend on my ass for days before I give you any release.

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