Assisted Medical Milking – Jamie Valentine

Duration: 10:35; Quality: 1280x720 HD; Category: JERK OFF INSTRUCTION

You came in to my medical office today because you seem to be experiencing a lot of pressure build up in your groin area. Its becoming increasingly uncomfortable and you need my medical expertise. You’ve tried to get your wife to help with the need for release but she hasn’t been able to help. Good thing you came to a qualified practitioner as I see this issue often and know a sure way to fix it. Let me assist you by unzipping your trousers to get a better look. I see where the problem is. Let us begin by having you stroke your cock. Once its nice and extra hard start to stroke faster. Don’t fight the pressure building up. The only way to release is to follow my instructions very carefully. Don’t forget you came here for my expertise at assisted medical milking and I won’t stop till we achieve release.

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