Ass Addict Reboot – Goddess Christina

Duration: 09:55; Quality: 1920x1080 HD; Category: FEMALE DOMINATION

You’ve always loved me. Always adored my beauty and charisma. How I draw you in effortlessly. Take space up in your mind where I’ve engrained my body and face. You’ve dreamed of serving me. Always imagining how amazing it would be. But you haven’t sacrificed greatly for me. You haven’t made the effort to truly please Me to show me you can be a Good Boy and a Good Slave. You want to go there. To experience it and feel what it’s like to be Mine. You know that my ass always makes you weak. Makes you want to bow down and worship each divine cheek. That is your weakness. You can easily fall down the rabbit hole declaring you’re Goddess Christina’s Ass Addict. You want me to push you over that edge. Seductively, sensually, mesmerizing you to that place. You want a Reboot. That’s exactly what you need.

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