Ashley Alban – Jerking To Sis-In-Laws Feet

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While your wife is away, you are called over to her sister’s place. Your sister-in-law says that she has been trying to clear out space in her closet and dresser, and she has some things her sister might want. She shows you two pairs of heels and a few pairs of sheer and lacy socks. She says that she got a big pack of the socks when she ordered them, so she hopes her sister might want some. She decides to show you some of the socks on with the shoes that she wants to give away as well. As she’s showing you the socks and chatting away, she realizes that you’re getting hard. You’re embarrassed at first that she found out about your foot fetish, and you know you shouldn’t be turned on by your wife’s sister. Surprisingly though, she doesn’t mind at all. She explains that she has never been with a guy who was into her feet so she kind of likes it. She tells you it’s ok if you want to jerk off to her feet—she won’t tell anyone if you don’t. So your in-law continues to show off more pairs of socks as she encourages you to stroke your dick. When you say that you want to cum on her toes, she peels the socks off and gives you a nice view of her bare soles and toes as she begs for your load.

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