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I found you snooping in my room, my tiny little pervert and have you at my disposal… now to decide what to do with you! You’re a one-inch tinyman sneaking around Sydney’s house, and while you though you would go undetected, she cornered you and now you’re staring up at her immense figure. She’s upset too, because she knows you were spying on her when she was sunbathing. She hates you perverted little men! There’s no question you’re doomed, she WILL dispose of you, the question is how? Will she put you in her mouth and chew you up? Stomp on you? Sit on you? Hrm… well, let’s just say she has something really smelly planned for you, haha! You’re stuck down below her as she turns around and hovers her huge Goddess ass above you, are you ready for your punishment little one?! Slowly she grabs her butt cheeks and releases the biggest fart you’ve ever seen, right in your tiny little face! hahaha!! She laughs at you, “Oh, did I blow you away?!” Syndey is just getting started though, and in the end (pun intended) Sydney might just make you her next butt plug…

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